A Letter To My Sister

July 2007
(This letter has been edited for privacy reasons.)

Dear Sister,

I hope that this night of July 24, 2007, my words can be of service to you, a glimmer of comfort upon your aching heart, a wave of love unbound, pouring forth unto your shaken spirit unlike any you have known. May my unbroken love for you and my cherished friendship with you be a tower and a refuge, let me be a pillar of your strength and your courage.

In these but dark times I am brought, as I am sure you are as well, to face what it means to live with understanding. These times of horrible things can seem to and are sure to abide by no rule of God and know no bounds of the human endurement. That is why we come to believe that all has been lost and our hope and comfort unfulfilled. But what we become clouded to the most, is the ones whom stand at our side, who shed tears as we, whom crumple before the blaze of hysteria and who stumble upon the path of life.

But it is these whom bear our sorrow, whom know our pains, whom share our distresses that can be our most great companion. As you look around you see a bond within each of your hearts, come together not only in physical form, but in spiritual form as well. Upon the brink of death there is a cleansing unlike any other, for what has hidden beneath the surface is risen up into the light, held before all who share in the chaos of what has been and what is yet to come.

Know that these things are natural, know that these things make you human. It is your heartache that shall bring you together like never before. Now is the time to open your flood gates, set free the leash of pain, bring down your wall of forboding, be of the door to a greater bond, deeper than it ever was before.

Upon this path you shall be changed, a moment in time, shaken to the core of what it means to be alive. Your city has crumbled and now you must walk outside of what you have known for so long, step out into the unknown with those whom stand before you. Let not the fear of what you do not know hold you back from those who need you the most.

I shall stand up for you, I shall bring forth all that I am, all that I can be, for you. I offer you this, the greatest thing that I can offer you, my hand, in your journey. May you not walk this path alone, but in the company of your beloved kinsmen. We, together, shall march down this road of uncertainty, a rock for eachother, we shall breach the dawn of a better tomorrow from now til the end. We shall bear eachother’s sorrows upon our shoulders, know the hurt each bears within themselves, as if that hurt is felt by all. In truth, when we are brought together, the hurt is felt by all because we are now all one in the same.

I give to you, in this madness of chaos, a star within the darkest of nights, a gift of something greater that lay beyond what you can see. Know that in these matters, there is a God beyond the realm of both space and time. Unwaiverd is His love, uncharted are His ways and unknown are His strengths, but known to all can be His comfort. I say, do not expect to find faith only within the walls made of stone, but look for His spirit within you, the greatest indwelling of all.

Know these truths that I have offered you, take them to heart and let them be a balm for your heart, your soul. Place them upon your shelf of empowerment, let them be a gift you shall share for all to see, all to know, all to be made better by their power.

Extend your hands now to those within your life, within your home, that suffer in silence and who suffer aloud. Bring them unto you and share, together, your grief. The best that I have learned in life is humility. In these times there is no place for shame, no place for embarrasment, no place for over bearance. You no longer have control over what must come to pass, but you now have control over what you will do in the face of it.

I know this will be hard for you, but I see in this matter an awakening. Perhaps now is the time to take away the veil of shadow, now is the time for you to stand once more before your family and say that you are there for them and then ask of them the same for you. Together you will face this.

If you need me at your side, I shall be there. If you need anything else, I offer it to you. I have said what you must do, given you the key to bear this burden with a little more strength, a little more humility and offered you a little more courage. You now are at a pivitol moment, do what you know is right. The hardest things in life, the ones that give us the greatest fear, are almost always the greatest moments of our lives, the ones that change who we are forever; the ones that make us better human beings forever. Change is frightening, but ultimately it is also enlightening.

Confide in me all that you need, I am here for you always. Offer me your troubles so that we may bear them together. You gave me hope, strength, courage, and love once, when all I knew was darkness. Now I offer you those things as well. They say that the greatest distance in this world is the distance between two people, let that not be the truth for you and your family; they need your kind heart now more than ever before. Your children need your courage, but they also need to see your humility. Your husband needs your love, but he also needs to see your heart.

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