Awaiting Daybreak: Regression and a Nation Asunder

It is fundamentally important to understand that I believe in human progress. That we, as a nation and a species, must always put one foot in front of the other, hold up our heads and march forward. Always against the tides of repression and forever against the hold of regression.

For so long, America has battled with that separatist attitude. No where has this attitude of “them and us” been fostered more than in the so-called conservative community. Throughout this writing I will dissect the true meaning of what it means to be a conservative and a liberal. Not the counter-productive idealisms of corrupted politicians, but the true and earnest principles of which human beings have long strived to claim. Undoubtedly, the meanderings of American politicians and other greedy, power-hungry, self-serving, misguided individuals have tainted what it means to move forward.

Continuously, people search for enemies. We always seem to need someone to blame, somebody must be at fault for the troubles we face. When we can’t find one, we create one. Over and over, we follow in this ignorant cycle of behaviour. Never solving our problems because we create new ones as we go. After so long, one would think that our stupidity would be obvious, but this repetitive nature of self-innocence prevents us from ever seeing our own mistakes.

Labels in and of themselves are a cause of strife in America, but the real issues we face go beyond the naming of things. No, our issues lie at the heart of what it means to embrace progress and to fear it. More aptly, to embrace change and to fear it.

More often than not, the tendency to reject that which is new, is due to being afraid of something that is not understood. Humans are literally afraid of things they are unfamiliar with. It’s a safety mechanism, a security blanket, to reject something that is outside of their comfort zone. This is why, after more than two-hundred years, America and most other nations for that matter, have progressed so slowly. Human comfort has played an immense role in where we used to be and where we are.

The impact of social attachments cannot be ignored. The human race’s interdependence with religion has long prevented global progress. Without question, human beings grasp so tightly onto religion because of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of punishment, fear of neglect, fear of abandonment, the list goes on. Religion only exists because the human psyche needs it to.

The Random House Dictionary defines being conservative as: disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

The Collins English Dictionary defines a conservative as: someone who is reluctant to change or consider new ideas; conformist.

The root word of conservative is conserve. So what does it mean to conserve? Essentially it means to keep things the same. So by the very name of the conservative party, no one in their right mind could possibly want to vote for someone who wants things to stay as they are or even worse to regress back to a former condition. How could you look at the world or even just our nation and want it to remain the same? Or even worse to want it to return to a former state?

It is almost beyond my comprehension how the conservative party can even exist. It offers nothing to progress at all, it’s very existence is an act against progress. And it’s at that point that I realize the truth. The conservative party exists for the sole purpose to balance out this nation. It is a reminder of where we have been and where we should never return. There is nowhere to go, but forwards.

The Random House Dictionary defines the term liberal as: favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties… favoring or permitting freedom of action, esp. with respect to matters of personal belief or expression… of or pertaining to representational forms of government rather than aristocracies and monarchies.

The Collins English Dictionary defines it as: relating to or having social and political views that favour progress and reform… relating to or having policies or views advocating individual freedom.

So by definition liberal means to be open, to not hold back. Without liberal ideals, this nation, the world would never move forward. It is how new strategies are born, how problems are approached with new perspectives. The liberal party exists as a counter-balance to conservatives. Society is shaped by the way we are driven forward. Freedom is granted, oppression is ended, problems solved because the liberal movement exists.

One of the biggest arguments for conservative views and against liberal views is that liberals are all about spending. If they follow the true definition of these terms, it is true that conservatives should be hesitant to spend money or do anything that would move the nation forward. They exist to prevent progress. Liberals are more inclined to spend money, to put forth the effort to move the nation forward. A nation cannot gain anything without investment.

So what happens when liberal ideals do not exist? Look to the Middle East, into nations like Iran. In this part of the world, politics and religion are one entity. Much like religious conservatives in America would like to see the government, as a religious governmental entity, a unity of faith and principle. There are few, if any religions on this planet more conservative than Islam. By comparison, one could almost call Christianity a liberal religion compared to Islam.

Nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. are held back because they are governed by conservative leaders. Rights are restricted, personal lives are controlled, beliefs are imposed all for the sake of keeping true to unchanging ideals. Nations like these are societal prisons in which progress is depleted to a slow drip. If it wasn’t for massive amounts of money from oil and in some cases drugs, fear of consequence and religious control, these nations would be in complete disarray.

And so while it is necessary for liberals to exist to move nations forward, it is also necessary for conservatives to exist to keep them in check. The real trouble exists when one tries to control the other. When they believe that they can exist without the other. They are polar opposites, two sides of the same coin. Without one, the other cannot exist. The only solution is compromise. Problem is that neither is willing to do so because human emotion prevents it. Ego, pride, envy, these human flaws are implemented into civil duty and politicians often cause more chaos than they solve.

It doesn’t matter which side you belong to, it’s whether you are willing to work together that makes the difference.

Let me discuss a little bit about socialism and capitalism. Many people confuse communism and socialism as the same thing, simply because they don’t know the difference and they aren’t willing to learn.

Communism is a form of government that implements socialist practices and controls every aspect of societal action, rejecting capitalism. In most cases, communism is brought upon a country by a military entity or other political party that retains power and control, without the opportunity for outside influence or interaction. Essentially, the government owns everything and controls everything for its own benefit, advocating that it’s for the good of the nation. All communists are socialists, but not all socialists are communists.

Socialism is an ideal that eliminates private enterprise, but doesn’t necessarily reject capitalism, by allowing the government to control the economy in order to prevent unfair markets. That a state-owned and controlled production and distribution of goods and services can serve the welfare of the society as a whole, which is more important than that of the individual corporation. That progression as a nation is met through the collective effort of its people. Easy way to remember this is that it’s about need and not profit, or about need and not greed.

Capitalism is an ideal that promotes private ownership of corporations that produce and distribute goods and services in the belief that a free market better serves the economy of a nation because it encourages competition. Government influence is limited and the national economy is heavily influenced by the success or failure of each corporate entity. The main purpose of a capitalist economy is for private profit and not about the welfare of the general public or the nation as a whole. Greed before need.

My own endeavor is that the human race moves forward as a species, unbound by national borders or government influence. I’m not interested in political or government/private corporate interests. Globally, I think there are more important things to think about. I do not care what political parties are in power or under what type of economy a nation is supported, the welfare of the people as a whole is what matters.

Human beings should be free from oppression, have rights and be able to support themselves, but collectively the human race must progress.

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