A Son of the South Speaks

[Co-authored by John Jarcobi and Kephen Merancis, editing by Kephen Merancis]

A Son of the South Speaks

I’m a twenty-three year old, white, Presbyterian who was born and raised in Largo, Florida, then moved to Missouri when I was a teenager.

I’ve either lived on or at least worked on a farm since I was thirteen, when I moved here to live with extended family.

I wear Mossy Oak, Realtree, and Browning brand ball caps.  I’ve always got boots on my feet.  I drive a Ford F-150 Lariat Extended Cab.  I own a few bolt and lever action rifles, shotguns, and an AR rifle.  I go duck and deer hunting, and use my AR on the range because I enjoy it.  I have every right to own and use them, part of what already makes America great.

I go fishing with a rod and sometimes a bow.  I also go bow hunting for deer.  Sometimes you’ll catch me wearing camouflage t-shirts even when I’m not in the woods.

I chew Copenhagen and drink Budweiser, I love bonfire nights and camping trip weekends.  I’ve ridden horses and field dressed deer.  I wear belt buckles and the American flag always hangs from our porch.  Sometimes it flies from the bed of my truck.

Like a lot of Christians, I hold closely my faith in God and in my savior Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself to save my soul and the souls of us all, as we are all sinners.

I don’t personally agree with most abortions, to be bluntly honest, I see it as outright murder.  I think that these pregnant women and the fathers need to know all the facts about abortion and to take the decision with the full burden that they hold a human life in their hands.

These late term abortions are a sin, by a matter of faith.  I believe that to murder a baby would surely lead your soul to hell and eternal damnation in its flames.  I pray to God to show you mercy, for you do not know what you are doing.

However, due to a certain someone, I have come to realize that in the early stages of pregnancy, an early term abortion is no different a moral dilemma than having your appendix removed or your thumb cut off, for in that early stage there is no human consciousness as we know it.

I don’t think I have a right to control what parents choose, just like I don’t think they have a right to make choices about my life.  I definitely don’t believe the government has a right to make choices for us.  In the end, only God can judge us.

Myself, all of my friends and extended family are Republican, and until recently I almost always voted straight Republican.

That is until this year’s election campaigns.  I’ve never been more ashamed to be a Republican, so much so that I didn’t vote for a single one here in Missouri.  I voted straight Democrat just in opposition of the behavior of my political party.

After all the awful posts my so-called-friends were posting about crybaby liberal supporters who were outraged and protesting, and all the tasteless memes they were posting, I gave them all a piece of my mind.

I changed my Facebook profile to say Democrat and I posted that I voted for Hillary.

I got a lot of hateful and judgmental responses and I started deleting people.  I don’t use Facebook much and sometimes I go months without being on here, and so I didn’t have very many people to delete.  But I deleted almost all of them.

My single momma died in a car accident when I was 13.  That’s why I moved to Missouri, to live with distant relatives and they raised me to be a hard working gentlemen.

But it was my momma who taught me what love meant, she taught me to be kind and helpful.  She took me to church where I learned how to be a good Christian, the importance of family and community.

Even though I know some of us country boys, rednecks, hicks, whatever label you wanna use, can be a little difficult, I want everybody to know that we ain’t all like that crap you’re seeing on the news.

Some of us were raised right.  To be respectful, to know what matters most in life.  If they’re working hard, doing what’s right, helping others, then it don’t matter what anybody looks like, what country they come from, or whether or not they believe in any religion.  We’re all out here just trying to chase after that American dream.

I was taught to treat ladies the way they are meant to be treated, with respect and grace.  I always open doors for them and hold it open.  I always say excuse me or pardon me.  Always say yes ma’am and no ma’am.

I am so sorry to all these people, I’ve been reading about and hearing from, there’s so much sadness and fear from women, gays, black and latinos.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.  My eyes have been opened in a way they’ve never been before.  For the first time, I’ve truly come to see things from another perspective.

I just wanted ya’ll to know that we ain’t all bad and some of us still do what’s right, protect those in danger, and support those who need it.

Every race, every gender, every sexuality, together in America we need to all be treated the same.

I don’t hate those who voted for Trump, cause many of my friends and family did, but I felt so betrayed.  Not just me but I think they betrayed our country, our faith and our principles.  They brought shame to the presidency.  And shame to good-hearted country folks.  I think most, if not all, politicians are crooked, but at least some work for what’s right.

Trump’s a piece of shit.  I’m a gunslinging, beer drinking, Bible reading, church going Southern redneck and I didn’t vote for him.  So please don’t look upon us like we’re all a bunch of ignorant racists who abuse women and beat up gays.  That’s not at all what being Southern is about.

I didn’t like Hillary either, I disagreed with her on a few things and I accepted that she uses loopholes in laws and regulations, that she’ll do anything to propel her political career, accepts money from tainted sources, and that she lies.  Even with all of that, she’s still a better moral person than Trump.

Trump’s a spoiled brat, egotistical lunatic.  He’s been bailed out by the Government many times.  He has no moral character, backs outta business deals and doesn’t pay his investors back, doesn’t fulfill promises to students, has no understanding of foreign affairs or how an economy works.

The fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin likes him, is a bad thing.  Putin is a dictator who has been the president or prime minister of Russia for the last 16 years through bribery, assassination, botched elections and blackmail.

And now as Trump assembles his cabinet he proves himself yet even more the fool.  The people he’s choosing are either inexperienced and unqualified or they have their own criminal background.  He’s already worsening the image of America among first world nations and hasn’t even taken charge yet.

His lack of values is why I don’t like him on a personal level.  He used to be a liberal, he and the Clintons were close friends.  Based on his past and how he’s lived his life, his public behavior, the man has no values to speak of.  He’s definitely not a follower of Christ.

I am ashamed he somehow garnered the admiration of us country folk.  He doesn’t deserve it, he isn’t one of us.  He has no idea what real manners, respect, or honor even mean.

All the shit fucks have come outta the woodshed to rally behind him and it makes city and suburban people think we all are like that.  That being redneck makes me a white nationalist.

To be honest, I think Islam is a bigger issue than Hillary paints, I happen to agree with Trump’s concern but I disagree with his approach or his racist banter.  Immigration is a disaster, somethings got to be done, I just don’t know what.

Guys have told me that they thought Hillary would take away our firearms.  There’s no way in hell any president will ever take away our guns without a civil war, we all know that, it’s a fact.  They’ll have to pry them from our cold dead hands.  Hillary never would have attempted something so stupid.

Honestly I didn’t like any of the candidates, I didn’t want to vote for any of them and thought about sitting out this one.  But the more I watched the rise of Trump, the more concerned I got.

I didn’t like Hillary and I wasn’t voting for her, I was voting against Trump.  She’s an apologist for the political correctness of America, where we can’t have real discussions about important issues cause of the damn liberals.  I don’t mean all liberals, I mean the far left ones that cry foul about everything.

I ain’t stupid though, the far right dumb shits are equally bad, they give us a bad reputation.  They have ruined the Republican Party, they have shamed and burned down the House of Lincoln.  We need to come together on issues that matter, to take a centrist approach and see it from all sides of the arguments.

I’ve heard people say they thought Donald Trump was broke and poor and that he built his company from nothing and that he understands the poor and middle class.  That son of bitch was born with a golden spoon in his mouth and raised in New York into a wealthy empire built by his father.

The same father who then loaned his son millions of dollars to build his own real-estate business in New York and carry on the family name and empire.  Somebody like that doesn’t know about hard labor.

Now, people are talking about how the right peacefully accepted Barack Obama as president.  I don’t know where these people have been the last 8 years, but where I come from, people made Obama dolls and hung them from the trees and their houses when he won his two elections.

I won’t defend far left liberals committing felonies while protesting, people are fucking stupid.  When far right conservatives are also committing crimes against minorities after being emboldened by the election of Donald Trump, we need to realize that it’s both sides.

Law offices and police stations have been keeping track of the spike in violence against minority groups.  Even as politicians try to point the blame at people being paid to protest.  Politicians are the worst of all when it comes to being bought.

Millions pour into their pockets every year to either get them to support or stall legislation that big companies approve or disprove, companies like Exxon Mobil and politicians like Paul Ryan.

We are all sailing into uncharted waters, perilous and dark, praying to God and begging the sun to rise and shine upon the mistakes we have made collectively.  To banish away the fallacies in our minds and the bitterness in our hearts.

The only way through this is to be united in bettering the lives of us all, securing the rights of us all.  Only together can we stand, make our voices heard and succeed.

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