Donald Trump’s Travel Ban

Donald Trump’s Travel Ban

President Trump’s travel ban on foreign born people’s coming into the U.S. does not make America safer.  If anything, it will only illicit more hatred by those who were previously on the fence.

Whether it’s the permanent ban on refugees coming from Syria, the 120 day ban on all other refugees, or the 90 day ban on all people’s coming from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria, it simply isn’t the right decision.

This travel ban, applying only to refugees seeking asylum and foreign born people with visas as a visitor, worker, or student, does not apply to green card holders.

The difference between a visa and a green card is how long it allows a traveler to stay in the U.S.  A visa allows for a temporary stay, whether that be for visiting family, working a temporary job or as a student.  A green card allows an immigrant to remain in the U.S. permanently and is more difficult to get than a visa.

Restrictions on travel have been put in place by previous presidents, including Obama when he banned visas for refugees in Iraq for six months in 2011.  Were we made safer by it?  No.  Obama’s forgein policy was crap, as I’ve mentioned before, especially involving events since the rise of ISIS.

The countries that have given rise to the Muslim terrorists who have attacked the U.S. since 9-11, were countries not included in Trump’s executive order, such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and other countries in Europe.

These facts alone, tell us this executive order has nothing to do with American safety.  So then what is is about?  You tell me.

I’ve posted before about the Syrian civil war and the refugee crisis that includes not only the Middle East, but also North Africa.  You can read that essential post here.

I agree that much needs to be done about people coming into Western nations such as the U.S., but banning people for extended periods of time (or indefinitely) and keeping them away from their families here on the basis of their origins is not a good policy and does not aid our efforts to convince international liberal Muslims that we are allies.  And if we ever hope to win against groups like ISIS, we need liberal Muslims on our side.

Saying that foreign Christians, Baha’is, Sufi Muslims, and other minority religious groups in the Middle East are less likely to commit terrorist attacks than moderate and especially fundamentalist interpretations of Sunni Islam, is not an outrageous claim.

Trump and his administration, as deplorable and ignorant as they are, are not wrong about this claim.  Nor is it a racist claim.  However, there is something very, very wrong with this widespread, and permanent in the case of Syrian refugees, travel ban.  It goes against both our national principles and our human dignity.

The effect of New York, Virginia and Washington federal judges lifting the deportation order temporarily on those who’ve already made it back to American soil in those states is unclear to me in its scope and legality.  All I know is that they will be detained, but not set free or deported.  A federal judge in Massachusetts went one step further and declared they could not be deported nor detained in that state.

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