My Criticisms of President Trump and his Administration

My Criticisms of President Trump and his Administration

If one does not find issue with the current state of our nation, if someone believes that things are going great, if anyone thinks we’re off to a good start, then I think it is too late for you, for us, for the nation as a whole.

Such people don’t care and not caring is dangerous.  They’ll vote for someone like Trump because they are uninformed and are anything but studious about foreign and domestic issues, they have no self-pursued foreknowledge of who or what they voted for, not really, just what someone, some neighbor, some cousin, some random person online, or some partisan television show told them.

They make decisions based on how things make them feel, what opinion is aligned with their own even when their opinion is not based on factual evidence, accepting what they are told as if truth is born from tongues alone.  It was easy for some people to vote for Trump and other such buffoons now in power.  Now that it’s done, those who thought it an easy choice want to go back to their mundane lives and not think or pay attention to the consequences of their decision.

They complain about all the politics in the news, they complain about it all!  As if it’s such an inconvenience, interrupting them from the dullness of their existence, disturbing them from their delusional daydream of a reality where what happens in politics has nothing to do with them.  How dare you post commentary on the political events that shape the legal boundaries of other people’s lives or the information to which we have access to, how dare you complain about political injustice, it’s interrupting their stupidity, that’s so rude of you!

Sheep want to be sheep brothers and sisters, they want someone to fix all the problems so they themselves don’t have to do shit.  That’s America now, that’s what we’ve become.  Deep down, they know they made a stupid choice, that’s why they don’t want to hear about anything that’s happening.

They don’t want to accept their decision was a mistake or that the mistake has consequences.  There is bliss in ignorance, and they really want that bliss.  I think a much darker road lay ahead still, it may even lead to real civil unrest.  I don’t just mean riots, marches or peaceful demonstrations.  I mean more serious events.

I hope it doesn’t, but when you look at history, at the timeline’s of civilizations past and present, national and political tension, economic hardship, civil injustice, these things are a recipe for chaos, revolution, coup d’etat, civil war.  These are extremes, but it’s not as if these things never happen, they do, and for many civilizations/nations still around today, they’ve happened numerous times throughout their existence when not enough was done to quell the problem.

Donald Trump’s attempts at international affairs is not worthy of complimentary amusement.  I think the brilliant Martin Wolf of the Financial Times nails the commentary way better than I ever could hope to.  Check out his articles for my opinion on Trump’s inability to nourish the U.S.’s necessary position in international trade.

Donald Trump has admitted that he won’t be repealing the Affordable Care Act, the time required to do such an endeavor would take far too long, not to mention neither he nor the Republican Party have anything to replace it with, forcing tens of millions of Americans with no health care, some of whom actually need/want it and can’t get it any other way, out into the proverbial cold.

Last I heard, he’s making changes to it, leaving in some things, taking away others.  I’ve not advocated for Obamacare in the past and really don’t have much to say about it now.  Some people alleging it’s not affordable insurance, others gracious to have it when every other insurance company rejected them due to their disease/condition.

I’m really on the fence with it.  Maybe Trump will make it better, maybe he won’t.  I never believe promises from politicians until I see the end result.  Usually the end result fucks us all over and only benefits the politician and/or the companies he’s in bed with.

Trump’s stance on national security boils down to hypocrisy and skirting dangerously close to racial/ethnic profiling.  I have my own strong opinions about Islam (I am an atheist who is a fan of the work of Sam Harris), but even his absurd remarks go beyond logic and that which is reasonable.  In terms of the civil war in Syria and the refugee crisis involving other nations in the middle east and North Africa, I recommend my essay on the subject.

I like his pick for secretary of defense, but that’s the extent of my likes in his decisions.  Openly legalizing torture is a defeat in American integrity and honor.  As far as national security involving the U.S. and Mexican border, I agree something must be done, but a wall is not the answer.  My essay on the border, the border patrol, cartels along the Gulf, and other related issues is still in progress.

I see Trump’s nationalism (which appears fake to me) is solely to woo the far right.  Which is why alternate right white supremacist groups, including the now well known Richard Spencer and Steven Bannon have rallied behind him.  To understand why Richard Spencer thinks Trump is so great and what he hopes his presidency will achieve, I suggest you check out his interview with the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX, where he talks of his hopes for an ethno-state, where whites can live free from other races.

Nationalism is a dangerous fire to play with, so easily it can burn out of control and lead to racism, xenophobia, fascism, bigotry, etc., which is why people on the left are up in arms.  Trump is sloppy, incapable of articulating his words correctly and gets himself into more trouble than he can handle.

I have a series of other issues with Trump besides how he bends over and takes it from the far right, including his bizarre and dangerous relationship with Vladimir Putin, his disrespect towards our foreign allies who aren’t criminals, his lack of intellectual prowess on the importance of science and free speech, his attacks on media, his attacks on education, his abandonment of the LGBT, the right of American citizens to make their own choices, and the list goes on and on.

When members of an elected officials own party speak out against his words or actions, you know he’s messed up.

Regardless of party affiliation or even political viewpoints on economic procedures, when words or actions of a sitting president go against the very nature of our human morality, everyone should be appalled.

Trump is an ignoramus of monumental proportions, his maturity and attitude are that of a child – a spoiled one accustomed to getting his way, the notion that he is some savvy business wizard is a stretch of the imagination.

He’s just a conman in a suit and his record of lawsuits is evidence for that, but in the end he’s a mere puppet of religious fanatics to whom he owes a debt for getting him into the white house, which is why he filled his cabinet with the whackjobs he’s chosen, people who have no education or experience in the work of the agencies Trump has chosen them to be appointed over.

They are the real problem because they have an agenda, to force the whole country to live in and under their delusional ideology.  Trump is the spearhead of a dangerously polarized political party with an agenda to force everyone to live in a country where laws are made based solely on that party’s religious beliefs.

As a secular individual, that sort of self-serving religious fanaticism and in my opinion delusion, is equal parts deplorable and dangerous.

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