This is a thirteen-part series on the art of motivation. We’ve all faced the loss of motivation and went looking for it out there somewhere, hoping to find that one quote that inspires us to chase our dreams or face the problems that have been haunting us.

Sometimes those little quotes or beautiful photos give us that spark we need to get back out there and fight our way through life or put in the hard work needed to achieve our goals. Most of the time, however, these sparks are not enough to actually get things done. We need real help to regain control of our lives and start spending our time more wisely to reach the success we desire.

Motivation is a feeling, it’s an emotion, and like all other emotions it comes and goes. So what do you do when you need the motivation to accomplish something, but your tank is reading empty? You’ve come to the right place. This series is all about attaining motivation, holding onto to it, and what to do when motivation just isn’t enough to get the job done.

This series is the first test of your motivation, it is broken into thirteen parts, collectively more than ten-thousand words long. I recommend you read them in the order given:

  1. The Thousand-Year Journey
  2. Locus of Control
  3. Autonomy
  4. Employment
  5. Personal Magnetism
  6. Resiliency
  7. Problem Solving
  8. Words To Live By
  9. Icebergs
  10. Authentic Self vs Constructed Self
  11. Catastrophic Thinking
  12. How to Save Your Motivation
  13. Reflections and References

This series is available for free download in PDF format: Motivation Series

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