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Freckles: Chapter Twelve

I didn’t get a lot of sleep that night.  It was late when I finally stopped talking to Freckles and it was early when my alarm went off that Saturday morning. I had a couple hours before I had to meet him at the… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Twelve”

Freckles: Chapter Eleven

When Freckles left, I walked back to my car.  I stood there and under the parking lot lights I could see my faint reflection in the glass of the window.  What I had just done was both crazy and courageous.  Though I had nearly… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Eleven”

Freckles: Chapter Ten

I felt like I walked in between the living and the dead after Freckles ended contact with me.  Nothing seemed to matter to me anymore.  To be given the one thing I wanted, only to have it taken away just as I fully realized… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Ten”

Freckles: Chapter Nine

It was a long ride back to the grocery store.  Damien had put on the radio, trying to fill the silence that had fallen between us.  It wasn’t like I had nothing to say or nothing to ask.  It was just that I didn’t… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Nine”

Freckles: Chapter Eight

When the movie ended and the lights came back on, Damien pulled his leg away from mine and quickly got up from his seat, acting as though nothing awkward had happened between us at all. “Oh man, I am so tired, I could have… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Eight”

Freckles: Chapter Seven

By the time we realized we only had fifteen minutes before our movie was about to start, we had to quickly pay our bill and rush out the door.  Seeing Freckles laughing and smiling so much made me feel great.  He needed someone to… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Seven”

Freckles: Chapter Six

The walk to the restaurant made me realize just how dumb I was acting.  Freckles may not have been single, he may not have been gay, but here we were together.  It may not have been a romantic date, but in a sense it… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Six”

Freckles: Chapter Five

I pulled into the store lot two minutes late.  I scanned the lot for Damien, but I couldn’t see him standing anywhere.  There were about two dozen vehicles scattered here and there in the parking spaces.  I picked one of the empty ones on… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Five”


Ubiquitous After nine years of living in my own self-created prison, locked away deep inside of myself, a place darkened by self-hatred, denial, fear, shame, and many other things, I opened the steel door that had long been my burden and for the first… Continue Reading “Ubiquitous”

The Four Cornerstones

“To be loved is to be acknowledged as existing.” – Thich Nhat Hanh The Four Cornerstones The older I get the more I realize the difficulty of long-term social attachment. By that I mean relationships. The way we see things changes as we grow… Continue Reading “The Four Cornerstones”