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“To Know All of Love”

I remember this and how it feels,
A heart broken and turned to stone,
A cut that bleeds and never heals,
A loneliness that I have always known.

This is how it happens, each and every time,
The door is closed and a soul never waking,
A sickness in the mind, all the dirt and all the grime,
But I dream of more, something greater in the making.

I want to leave it all behind me,
Find a hope that I can actually believe,
A calm to settle upon this raging sea,
A peace inside that I have yet to perceive.

The pain reminds me that another chance to try,
Is just another chance to end up tossed aside,
To be replaced by some new or better guy,
Lose a part of my heart, another hole gaping and wide.

And yet against everything my heart has felt,
In the face of every scar and every tear,
I risk it all, regardless of what I’m dealt,
To know all of love, the joy and the fear.

Copyright 2009


“The Sound of Love”

There are so many things I want to say,
But with so few words known to man,
I find these feelings hard to convey,
But for you I will do the best I can.

When your eyes had finally caught my own,
The walls I’ve built were shaken and crumbled,
And in came this feeling I’ve never known,
A sense of being alive and somehow humbled.

Your hand had passed across my skin,
And it was then that I felt the world fade away.
Your face it was graced with an adoring grin,
And it was there that I’d wish to forever stay.

You layed your head down upon my chest,
A silence came and you listened to my heart,
Every beat gave me away and I had to contest
That the sound of love was there from the start.

Copyright 2009


“The Reasons That I Love You”

It’s the moments that I spend with you,
The hours that I’m in your company,
In your smile I see you in a way that’s new,
Each and every time you laugh with me.

No matter what we do or where we go,
The sounds, the voices, the faces all around,
Your eyes, lead me inward like a window,
Away from it all, a sanctuary I have found.

I don’t understand how you passed my guard,
How you are impervious to my bitterness?
You walk through the flames like it’s not hard,
Embrace me willingly with undeserved kindness.

To trust in you, I am so fervently compelled,
Unaffraid to be myself and not waver,
The safety in your arms, a peace in being held.
Something unconditional, worth it to savor.

Saying it is not always the easiest thing to do,
But these are the reasons that I love you.

Copyright 2010


“Sol Invictus” 

If ever you shall feel alone, if the doors to the heart of mankind shall close, then look up across the horizon and I shall smile upon you at every dawn.

And when it seems as though I have passed away from you at every dusk and the darkness of my absence has befallen, shed not one tear. For I shall forever transcend the cyclical and all that shall end so too shall begin again.

Weather the cold of my parting, rest beneath the blanket of my Universe. And when you have awakened there shall dance across your face, the warmth of my fingertips. The comfort of knowing you have not been forsaken.

For every dawn is a new day and every day is a new beginning.

Copyright 2010


“Eyes That Hurt”

Imprisoned within I seek to set you free,
To live your life without fear and uncertainty,
I want to take away the burden that you bear,
Let me inside and I will show you that I care.

The world is cold and dark and hate is all around,
But sometimes the worst of these can be found
Inside where we hold it all down deep and secret,
Where in time the only thing we know is regret.

How can I show you that I am genuine and sincere,
That I want to be the one to take away your fear,
To let you live without concern for hate or shame,
Show you that you are not the person to blame.

To me everything you are is simply amazing,
To me you are so incredible and so captivating,
I cannot understand why no one else can see it,
It’s obvious to me this fight for you I’ll never quit.

Your body you have built up tough and strong,
But to me it’s just a wall to hide what’s wrong,
A way to lie without words, a falsehood you assert,
I see through it because you have eyes that hurt.

I’m not here to point out what gives you away,
Rather I want you to know that I’m here to stay,
Someone you can trust in and show you loyalty,
Falling for you is the only thing of which I’m guilty.

Please don’t run from me, don’t hide anymore,
I’m not sure, but could it be me you’re waiting for,
Could I be the one for which you’ve been longing,
I’m confident I can fulfill your need for belonging.

So give me a chance, offer me some kind of sign,
Show me that you want me to make you mine,
And I will heal those eyes that hurt and set free,
The guy chained within, the one you wish to be.

Copyright 2011


“In Just A Glance”

You walk a fine line,
Tread between the broken glass
Through a years worth of time,
Begging the hours not to pass.

To save them from redicule,
You open up in secrecy,
But find yourself the fool,
There’s no heart or sincerity.

You held on to fragile strings,
Hope had dangled on a thread,
And all those dreamy things,
But it was all in your head.

You wished and trusted,
Gave luck a fighting chance,
But the thread has busted
And all is lost in just a glance.

Copyright 2011


“You Will Be the Death of Me”

You are the greatest puzzle I have ever faced,
A memory that at times I wish I could have erased,
So many questions and so few answers known,
At times I think that you’d rather be left alone.

I wish that it could be done just that easily,
That I could walk away from this so freely,
Let you go and carry on like I’m none the wiser,
But you’ve drugged me dumb like a tranquilizer.

Every day there are things that I perceive,
These things that force me to conceive
Of notions that you are within my reach,
A dream that your wall I’ll one day breach.

Naive, I hold the hope to one day hear,
Love had conquered your stubborn fear,
That you came to terms and walked outside
The door that has kept you for so long inside.

For now you still remain within the empty space,
Cloaked and hidden, a mask upon your face,
Ever denying this, forever trying to be unseen,
But I have begged, begged you to come clean.

I’m waiting for you to change your mind,
Protective and vigilant I still walk behind,
Willing to go against what seems to be reason,
Risk committing my own psychological treason.

The truth is that I don’t know what’s in your head,
I dont know if I can believe anything I have said,
I’m lost and confused, convinced and captivated,
Wanting to give up, but romanitcally manipulated.

I’d give up so much to spend a moment in your shoes,
To know what it’s like to be the one who gets to choose,
The eyes, the smile, the laugh, why can’t you see,
That the mystery of you will be the death of me.

Copyright 2011


“Love Is Enough”

Dawn breaks the velvet black cast overhead,
Shifting movements release the heat between,
We lay here hidden safely in this bed,
This silence is a haven so serene…

Out there crouched within the darkness awaits,
The blood and bone that have no soul to see
These strangers who claim to guard golden gates,
Praise the higher powers unknown to be.

Condemning words slip through such bitter lips,
Striking out against these unified hearts,
They can’t see the heart that flutters and skips,
Nor the love misguidance injures and thwarts.

We have begged them to let us be alone,
Set free the hope of human dignity,
To please cast nevermore the burning stone
Of ill judgement and false divinity.

Words in books forged by human hands to rule
Lose power against civil liberty
When minds of the faithful turn harsh and cruel,
Morality cuts through the pain, you see?

And now though we’re battered and bruised we rise,
The sun upon our faces we walk out
By humanistic truth and not their lies,
Liberation, what freedom is about.

The blood of so many spilled for decades,
Around the globe we died for honesty,
Death in the name of gods, by hate or AIDS,
Left to perish, where was integrity?

Above and beyond, barriers lifted,
On our feet we stand up with many more,
Allies abound, the power has shifted,
Hand in hand stronger than ever before.

These people know when pain is undeserved,
That within us we just seek to obtain
Equality and respect unreserved,
Full civil rights and all that they contain.

Oh the breaking dawn liberates the soul,
But love brings it home, no matter how tough
This challenge or how bad it takes its toll,
You have taught me well that love is enough.

Copyright 2012


“Paper Heart”

Blood drips from my quill and saturates the paper,
Recording the memories and the thoughts that bleed from my veins.
I leave them behind for all the heavy hearts,
To remind them they are not alone.

Every painful word liberates the soul,
Conquers the dread of the emptiness in which you roam.
And when the agony of defeat shall take its toll,
I hope you find solace in my words and make it home.

Above the ocean that drowns your dreams,
Away from the demons that hold you in loneliness.
I promise their power is less than it seems,
Courage and hope will lead you out of the darkness.

Copyright 2013

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