The Darklord

I feel it now, in the distance, that slow advance of the cold, pressing forwards and retreating as if to test the walls of my castle.  It comes at dawn and dusk, settles upon me in an eerie breath of darkness the way the cold air of fog settles upon the warm ground, seeping in ever so deeper.  My breath escapes me and I am faint, too weak to flee my abode. I am alone. Waiting for the darkness to be made visible.

Cracks split across that sealed away grim, the demon’s ice-covered tomb buried deep within.  In darkness, a darkness I dare not tread, his eyes have opened.  The Darklord rises from the slumber I had once cast him into.  Time is ticking in his favor, he calls out my name from the shadows, growing stronger as I grow weaker, he awakens to yet again claim the empire of my mind, yearning to sit once more upon my throne of sanity and steal away my crown, to take away my power.

Tap, tap, tap… he beckons a forewarning of my defeat, peering through my stained glass window, the time has come again to fight or fall…

About Kephen

I am a Buddhist and writer living in the heartland of America. I've been writing since I was 14 years old after my English teacher encouraged me to never stop. I read and write about various topics ranging from aspects of Buddhism to depression, politics, the nature of consciousness, as well as some fictional writing. I try to keep my content varying so that it does not become repetitive. My About page is a great place to learn more about me.
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