Part 03: Employment

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Motivation and enthusiasm can mean the difference in not just getting a job, but succeeding in a job and even advancing in your career. A positive attitude is critical for workplace success.

Employers would rather provide jobs skills training to an enthusiastic but inexperienced worker than hire someone with perfect qualifications but a negative attitude. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor suggests that during an interview, a candidate’s attitude accounts for as much as 40% of employer’s overall impression.

Managers sometimes worry that those with a negative or pessimistic attitude will not get along with supervisors and co-workers, treat customers with respect, or put much effort into his or her work.

However, even when you’re not feeling very motivated during an interview, there are ways to at least appear upbeat. You should consider smiling, sitting up straight, making eye contact, and discuss your prior work experiences with a positive tone.

When employed, show up to work on time, express interest in the work that you do, and demonstrate a willingness to listen, learn, and try new things. A motivated employee will approach customers proactively and offer assistance, or seek out tasks and projects when there is down time.

A motivated employee comes across as someone who wants to be at work and who is willing to do what it takes to get the job done. A positive mental attitude is one’s ability to maintain the belief that he or she can transform or change a tough situation into something better.

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This series is available free for download in PDF format and includes activities for more engaged learning: Motivation

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