Here you will find random quotes written by Kephen Merancis.

“Claiming to be a part of something is nothing, for that is all there is in a name, nothing. It is what you do in the name of something that creates its meaning.”

“Never let the pathetic walls of hate, racism, nor the tyranny of normality keep you from expanding your minds outwards and inwards. Let your soul which is confined within your mind be an ever-blossoming lotus engulfing all that is known and unknown.”

“A life without a purpose will never make it anywhere, as a bird without wings will never fly.”

“We grow so accustomed to portraying ourselves to others that in the end we know nothing more of ourselves than the falsehoods we portray.”

“A tool is nothing if it is set idle, a book is useless if left unread, the desire for a more purposeful life is meaningless if it is not acted upon.”

“Change while frightening at times is ultimately enlightening.”

“It is in the trials and fortunes of the human experience that we come to discover the truth of life, in every tear and every smile we are enlightened a little more on the human condition and as we open our minds to the heart of mankind we are endowed with most great peace that no fascade of darkness shall ever breach.”

“Tolerance is peace among world religions, it’s accepting the fact that not everyone believes the same things and that there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s kindness among many followers of many faiths, it’s the opposition to the opression of the diversity of faith. Tolerance on all sides is ultimately the key to unlocking the door to a greater human condition.”

“I believe that awareness is the key to saving lives. And the greatest enemy of victims of depression and suicidal depression is not the disease itself, but the ignorance and misunderstandings of those who do not suffer from those diseases.”

“A single rock within the torrent of life may be all that you need to catch your footing once again and rise up from the chaos of what has been.”

“There is no greater teacher in wisdom than life itself, for no man, no holy book, no god can ever teach the laws of life better than the trials and fortunes of the human experiance.”

“It’s true that a brave man risks his own life to take the life of another, but braver still is the man who risks his own life to save another.”

“Do not do good deeds for the sake of your god, rather do good deeds for the sake of your fellow human beings.”

“To set limits to your life is to have already lost it to the pages of time.”

“When we look at ourselves as individuals, when we live for the ego and not the heart, we only see ourselves as small dots on this planet. But when we achieve a higher state of mind, one that encompasses the world as our country and its people our family, we back up and realize that we are a part of the human race. We realize that our purpose here is not trivial, rather we are a part of the ever-unfolding lotus.”

“The sunlight will feel different on the skin of those left behind and the hearts of those left behind will beat at a different pace, the minds of those left behind will be forever altered, the spirit of the youthful will be shaken and all the lives you could have changed and all the lives you could have saved will never get to know the joy of living. For when you take your own life, you are also taking the lives of others.”

“If a person can truely care about the man who stabs them in the heart, then it is they who have reached the pinnacle of what it means to love all mankind.”

“The greatest failure in life is not what we don’t achieve, but rather what we do not attempt.”

“When you have achieved an open mind you can then open your heart to humanity. Commit charitable acts, volunteer, help those who cannot help themselves. Look around you and see the world as it is and do your part to make it better. Establish the values of great people who have wandered down this very same road before you. Begin where they left off, build a better world for those to follow you or teach them how to journey down their own path. An open mind equals an open heart which ultimately leads to world peace.”

“Unfathomably we are one another, as every drop of rain in the ocean is the ocean, no matter what cloud it falls from.”

“Within the darkness of chaos there is always one beam of light, one source of guidance, one ray of hope that breaks through the fear, sadness and despair of loss.”

“Each human on this planet is a thread, separate we are nothing more than a string – weak and mostly useless. It’s when we are woven together that we become something far greater, something so much more wonderful.”

“Into bottles I stuff these letters from my soul and send them out onto this hazerdous ocean of life, in the hopes that they will reach all whom bear this sorrow.”

“In the end, a thousand faces mean absolutely nothing, but the story behind just one of those faces means absolutely everything.”

“No matter where you are or how well I know you, you pass through my thoughts everyday. Your joys, your sorrows, your happiness and your loneliness will echoe in the chambers of my heart always. Find me in the silence of every moment, in the sun as it glares through your window and in the wind that carries you away and brings you home again.”

“That which is perfect is false and that which is flawed is genuine.”

“We jump through hoops for the people we love. We shouldn’t, however, have to jump through hoops just to get them to love us back.”

“All that which cannot die has never truly lived and all that which perishes only truly lives because of the Universe.”

“Books, teachers and words are only so influential and they can only teach so much. Real understanding comes from living through difficult experiences yourself.”

“Fear not mankind in the darkness, rather fear the darkness in mankind.”

“What am I? I am a child learning to walk and talk, a boy realizing the flaws of society, the guy in a mid-life crisis and the old man reflecting on his deathbed.”

“Its hard to say who and what I am, I do not yet know these things. Life is self-discovery and I discover new things each day, I change moment to moment.”

“Some men journey out into the world to try and find themselves, but never do and others journey inward, but they must abandon the world to do so. So I ask, which is the better path in life, to know the world or to know oneself?”

“When friendship is conditional, everyone loses in the end.”

“I believe that from the most horrific and tragic moments in human life, can also be born the most beautiful and amazing.”

“It’s 4 am, I’m laying here in the darkness, looking out into the eerie peace of night and I ponder the purpose and fate of mankind… I am insane…”

“Distrust not the man who makes mistakes, but the man who claims no mistakes.”

“Do you want happiness? Then be happiness. For it is not an effect, it is the cause that gives rise to the effect. What is the effect? A better life for all.”

“I was great when I stood upon the bloody hands of my enemies, but I was even greater when I stood upon the steady shoulders of my friends.”

“You cannot know another man’s god anymore than you can know his dreams.”

“All love begins with infatuation, but not all infatuation ends in love.”

“I’d rather live a lifetime unsure of the truth, than to waste a lifetime believing a lie.”

“It’s the moment you realize the ‘I’ needs to be dead to you and the ‘Others’ must live at any cost, that you have set yourself apart from the rest of mankind.”

“I live my life in the belief that random acts of kindness really do make the world a better place.”

“Some people hate the silence. It may feel lonely at times, but I have always felt that silence can foster some of the most remarkable moments in life.”

“The divide that separates us is never as deep or wide as we believe it to be, especially when both sides are willing to reach across.”

“A lot of people can like you. Many would be your friend. Several would date you. A few might even understand you, but only one can do all of it and love you.”

“I once believed in the ideal that all human beings should rule themselves. In time I have learned that’s not reasonable, for not all humans know what’s best for them.”

‎”Let it not be said that I lived out my life in fear of death, but that I lived out my life in spite of death.”

“Individuality destroys stereotypes. The destruction of stereotypes eliminates a lot of prejudice. Less prejudice attitudes lead to understanding.”

“If we are allowed to alter our past for personal gain, then our future shall crumble upon a foundation of falsehood.”

“That which brings me the most comfort is knowing that no matter what insane ideology people believe and spread, I know that I have the ability to not adhere.”

“As a writer, it is not my purpose to better the world. Rather, it is my purpose to inspire the minds of greater beings, who will mold the future of humankind.”

“A person can say a lot of things, but it’s his/her actions that define their character.”

“Defy and Rebel. Go against the stream of your social environment. Reclaim what it means to have an independent mind. Question. Redefine. Solve.”

“Humans cannot fully grasp what is right until they have layed witness to that which is detrimental to the wellbeing of any entity, what we call wrong.”

“It never ceases to disappoint me how someone will be your friend, if only you will stand in the corner with a bag over your head. How can you call someone a friend if they embrace you in private, but deny you in public? Can you call such a conditional friend a coward? Or are they a victim of a much larger social distortion?”

“You really understand what’s important and cherish the minutes of your life when you accept that there are no second chances.”

“It is from the seed of thought that all action flourishes.”

“When a stranger chooses to give up an easy life and accepts the possibility that they may die for your benefit, they become the best friend you will ever have.”

“A government should not exist to opress its citizens, but to protect them. Sometimes to even protect the people from doing harm unto themselves.”

“Let it not be your future for which you strive, but for the future of all who shall walk in your footsteps.”

“Life is unpredictable, plans and intentions are so easily broken. I hope you at the very least try to live each day with awareness and kindness. Dream and remember, but live in the moment. Smile and laugh more often than you get angry or cry. Make sure the people you love, know it.”

“We do not know what real darkness is until we walk out of it and into the light. We can never say that all suffering will end, but we can say that from every kind of suffering we shall come to know compassion.”

“The measure of a man is not made based upon the things he owns or even the mistakes he has made. The measure of a man can only be made certain by the things he has done and is willing to do that both better the lives of his fellow human beings and that defends the lives of those he loves.”

“Your direction is the sum of every moment that changed your life. Your life is the sum of every moment that you changed the direction of someone else’s life.”

“A man who refuses to face himself shall never know what it means to be free.”

“What is the value of a promise without the risk of it being broken? How can those words hold power if there is nothing vulnerable about their meaning?”

“I am just a cerebral wayfarer on an introvertive sojourn.”

“Faith and faithlessness are personal things that divide us all.”

“When we cannot have all that we desire, we must sacrifice that which means the least and claim only what matters most. To understand real victory, we must first know loss.”

“The only road progressing forward is the one paved in compromise.”

“One can travel through every land and across every ocean and still never find peace because it can only be found within.  Journey inward and you will find peace one day.”

“It is from our darkest hours that we become greater human beings and those endured experiences grant us a deeper understanding of not only our own human life, but of the lives of all human beings.”

“The purpose of your life is to live, what you do during that allotted time is entirely up to you.”

“Faith is a personal matter that divides us all… I am a proud atheist and yet have many friends who are Christian. I do not approve of Christianity or any religious doctrine, organization or agenda. And yet I love my friends all the same…

The thing about faith is that it’s born from a need for wholeness, a vacancy within the soul, a void within the mind. It’s about hope, it’s about security, it’s about being loved when the rest of the world only seems to want to hate you…

Faith is a second chance, it’s a promise that you are not alone, it’s a lighted path out of the darkness that is the human condition. Faith is a personal matter and when we bring out our beliefs and throw them into the faces of those who disagree in an attempt to make them change, we only instigate conflict. Even when our intentions are considered good in our eyes, they are often only seen as antagonistic by those who receive them…

As an atheist it is assumed my role is to bring about the end of human faith, but to take away a man’s faith is to take away his soul. I bid the question, what right do I have to make a man incomplete? I may not bend my knee before any god, but I have faith in humanity. Faith that in spite of our innumerable differences, we can retain the hardened resolve to reach across all that divides us because in the end we all must perish…

I’d rather have lived my life with compassion for others, than to have wasted my life in bitter vindication of all who I think are wrong.”

“The greatest challenge that you will ever face is empathizing with those who disagree with, offend or anger you and the only way to do it is with respect, something most people lack.”

“Not just for those who wrong you, but for yourself as well; I hope that if you master one thing in life it is this: Forgiveness.”

“In life I have learned that after the darkest of inner suffering, one can attain deep understanding and compassion if they are willing to release the bitterness that remains.”

“When you fall hard for someone, but they don’t pick you up, it ain’t easy to lift yourself up from the pain, but if you can do it on your own, strength and wisdom are your’s to gain.”

“May I forever be grateful for every breath I take, indulge in the awakening of the sun, be reminded by every pressing wind and settled by every drop of rain. This is my only life, may my eyes remain forever open, my mind forever hungry and my heart forever compassionate. I choose to live.”

“Human beings are notorious for laying blame on anyone and anything other than themselves.”

“One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make is believing you’re separate from the rest of humanity, from the rest of the Universe. When indeed, your are an inseparable part, both under the influence and the cause of influence. Never forget that.”

“What so many people cease to ever understand is empathy, the ability to emotionally connect with someone else’s situation by putting themselves in that person’s shoes. You will never truly understand life and humanity until you decide to look at them through someone else’s eyes.”

“The greatest detriment in the suffering of any part of humanity, is not the cruel acts of black-hearted people, but in the silence of those who witness it and choose to do nothing.”

“And fear not man bound within the creative darkness, but the destructive darkness bound within man for no space, void of light, will ever harbor the atrocities that walk the planes of the human mind.”

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