No Skin in the Game


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No Skin in the Game

Choosing action when the consequences of inaction have no effect on us is a matter of character.  Ask yourself, “Do I want to be the type of person who stands back and does nothing when others need help?”

Consequence is a strong motivator, even if the consequences are not directly ours to endure.  Forcing ourselves to be at risk due to adversity or by putting ourselves in situations that question our character, can be used to our advantage as a motivator.

If we want motivation we can maneuver ourselves into the path of consequence and pressure ourselves to achieve goals.  Finding success after facing adversity is deeply motivating.  It can also be addictive like gambling, putting us at risk of losing everything on a chance or even putting someone else at risk of suffering due to our actions.  Some moderation should be implemented when putting ourselves or others at risk.

Take time and be patient, weigh the pros and cons and determine if the risk is worth the rewards.  What is a situation you have always wanted to put yourself into or challenge you’ve always wanted to take on, but were too afraid to do?  Why have you hesitated?



This series is available free for download in PDF format and includes activities for more engaged learning: Motivation

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