Loss of Meaning


Marie Lu Slide

Loss of Meaning

Meaning is the most powerful influential force that drives us through life and the choices we make.  We want meaning in our lives and we want purpose that inspires us.

Together they give us the motivation to face all obstacles and setbacks.  While we should value our lives based on whether or not we have a purpose or meaning, having either can give us direction.

We tell ourselves that to make a meaningful impact we need a lot of resources, but that’s not entirely true.  Small acts can make a major difference in the lives of those around us.  The following questions are a useful guide to charting a path towards purpose and fulfillment:

  1. Do the people I love or appreciate know it?
  2. Have I made a positive impact on others?
  3. How will I be remembered?

How we answer these questions defines whether or not we are living a meaningful life.  None of these questions require wealth or fame, as such things are not what give meaning or purpose to life.

Making a positive impact on someone can be as simple as being kind to them when others are not.  Sitting down and having a conversation with someone where you actually listen to them, can go a long way in making others feel appreciated.

Assisting others or making sacrifices for their benefit gives our lives meaning and our actions purpose.  If you spend your life enhancing the lives of others, then you are likely thought of kindly.

The aim is to touch someone’s life in such a deep and powerful way that they never forget us.  This type of meaning and purpose is the legacy we should all strive to accomplish.

This series is available free for download in PDF format and includes activities for more engaged learning: Motivation


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