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Our minds tend to gravitate towards the negative, focusing on the mistakes we’ve made and dwelling on the people and things we’ve lost.

This focus on the negative absolutely destroys our motivation, leaving us:

  • Depressed
  • Lethargic
  • Drained of creativity

Choosing to focus on gratitude instead can:

  • Boost our optimism
  • Make us feel hopeful, supported, successful, creative
  • Grant a feeling of control in our lives

We should be grateful for:

  • Things given to us by others, favors performed on our behalf, opportunities provided us
  • Beneficial outcomes or experiences, our accomplishments – whether big or small

Entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Timothy Ferriss, says that making a list every day of the things we’re grateful for is the most powerful thing we can do to enhance our lives.  It may sound cheesy and possibly cliché, but expressing gratitude for what we have and what we’ve accomplished so far in life, can go a long way in shaping our attitude towards the positive and reinforcing our motivation to keep pushing forward.


This series is available free for download in PDF format and includes activities for more engaged learning: Motivation

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