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Impatience is the unwillingness to wait for results, the inability to delay gratification, a rush to get things done with little attention to detail or consequence.

Being patient…

  • Means bringing the concept of quality to the forefront of our ambitions or intentions
  • Requires a lot of self-awareness and self-control
  • Means taking time to communicate with others and achieve goals

Being patient is often the most difficult after making a mistake as it causes us to feel as though we are behind and need to make up for lost time.  But with patience we can plan and establish milestones to success.

Accomplishing minor initiatives towards an overall goal grants motivation to continue and in return minor boosts of motivation reward our willingness to be patient.  We should practice patience with unexpected or unplanned outcomes.

Though uncertainty can feel chaotic, it’s not always a negative thing.  Reality doesn’t allow us to always have life planned out, rehearsed, structured or certain, it’s naturally unpredictable and so we shouldn’t get lost in the details.  Doing so stifles creativity and rewarding experiences.

The marshmallow test on patience and self-control was first conducted in the 1960’s at Stanford University.

In Dustin Grinnell’s video-opus he states, “I realized I hadn’t postponed my dreams because of fear, but because of an addiction to certainty.”



This series is available free for download in PDF format and includes activities for more engaged learning: Motivation

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