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The Poet’s Path: A Life of Pain

July 2007 The Poet’s Path: A Life of Pain Never does a day pass by that I don’t think about the things that happened leading up to today. During those moments in time they didn’t seem to be all that important, but now looking… Continue Reading “The Poet’s Path: A Life of Pain”

Premonitions and Restitution

July 2007 Premonitions and Restitution Looking back now at how far I have come and yet seeing in that time span an equal amount of uneventfulness, I cannot feel anything more than incomplete, unsatisfied and without fulfillment. These past few days inside my mind,… Continue Reading “Premonitions and Restitution”

Playing Chess With Demons

May 2007 Playing Chess With Demons Writing about depression is not always easy to do. I feel as though the topic is extremely important, I know it so well and yet to really nail down the key points I want to make on the… Continue Reading “Playing Chess With Demons”

The War of Depression: A Synopsis

March 2007 The War of Depression: A Synopsis The War of Depression is not one battle with dark days, weeks or months. It is a war waging within one’s mind perhaps everlasting. The demons of unwavering conviction taunt long after one’s release from medical… Continue Reading “The War of Depression: A Synopsis”