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Freckles: Chapter Nineteen

[PG-13:  Please be advised that this chapter contains an explicit description of a sexual encounter and is not suitable for readers under the age of thirteen] I awoke later in the night, still laying up against Evan.  I could feel the dampness of sweat… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Nineteen”

The Dying Light of Unrequited Love

The Dying Light of Unrequited Love We spend most of our lives trying to emotionally connect with other people, only to realize that we cannot emotionally connect with most of the people we meet. I could probably write a book about the experiences I’ve… Continue Reading “The Dying Light of Unrequited Love”

Freckles: Chapter Eighteen

Evan announced that he was done eating by burping loudly in my direction and giving me a half-ass grin, as if to gloat about eating more than me.  For being so skinny the kid put down more slices than I could comfortably consume.  I… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Eighteen”

To Be Acknowledged As Existing

To be Acknowledged as Existing 7,432 Americans will wake up today to what will be their last day alive, most of whom will not know this ahead of time. According to the American mortality rate published in 2016 by the National Center for Health… Continue Reading “To Be Acknowledged As Existing”

Human Sexuality Defined

Human Sexuality Defined Ever since I started writing about human sexuality I realized that a lot of people really don’t even know what sexuality and orientation mean and how to use those terms. I think that one of the biggest reasons is because of… Continue Reading “Human Sexuality Defined”

Freckles: Chapter Seventeen

“Hey what the hell happened, are you okay?!?!”  The man shouted at me. “Help!  There was an accident, my buddy is in bad shape, he’s not moving and I can’t find a pulse, please help us!”  I cried out. He reached into his pocket… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Seventeen”

Freckles: Chapter Sixteen

My wakefulness slipped into the murky waters of sleep and dreams as my mind turned rampant with all the information it had received.  Damien’s confession sent shock-waves of uncertainty through me and just as those thoughts bounced through my head while awake, they manifested… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Sixteen”

Freckles: Chapter Fifteen

Dusk settled beautifully onto the land and even though the mood surrounding us had turned somber and painful, there was still no other place on Earth I wanted to be more than right there in that moment with Freckles. No matter how short he… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Fifteen”

Freckles: Chapter Fourteen

It had only been a few hours when I was suddenly awakened by the sound of a rustling tent closure.  It took me a moment to reason what was happening and I realized that it was Damien leaving the tent. “Poop break?”  I asked,… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Fourteen”

Freckles: Chapter Thirteen

Like any time you’re waiting for a special event, the week seemed to take forever.  Each day seemed to drag out and I didn’t think the weekend would ever arrive.  I was so stoked about spending so much time with Freckles, out in the… Continue Reading “Freckles: Chapter Thirteen”