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Online Etiquette

We’ve all seen it online and most of us have probably done it: committing a social faux pas in the comments section of social media posts, YouTube videos, news articles, and forums. Though we’ve had centuries of revolving lessons on an ever-evolving modern social… Continue Reading “Online Etiquette”

Social Media, Psychopathy, and Time Management

In May 2009 I joined Twitter, two months later I deleted my account, and now twelve years after that I have rejoined the quagmire of Twitter for one single reason: it’s the only place where I can follow the vast majority of authors, scientists, philosophers,… Continue Reading “Social Media, Psychopathy, and Time Management”

The Macrocosm Perspective

The Macrocosm Perspective Siddhartha Gautama taught that in order to see what matters we must first remove the ego from the equation.  Nothing rips apart my ego or sense of self more than the Universe.  The above photo is a compilation of the center… Continue Reading “The Macrocosm Perspective”

The Darkest Corners of the Cyber World: Sexual Predation and Exploitation

The Darkest Corners of the Cyber World: Sexual Predation and Exploitation Sexual predation and exploitation is the topic of this article, more specifically it’s about catfish who use social media and social apps to seduce and trick young men and women into sending naked… Continue Reading “The Darkest Corners of the Cyber World: Sexual Predation and Exploitation”